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Airless Pump (Airless Pump 73:1 Ratio)

Product Detail Information

YL73:1 Airless Sprayers offer highly reliable performance even in the harshest environment. Combination of extreme pressure ratio, high flow rate and rugged design make YL73:1 Airless Sprayers ideal for handling extremely viscous fluids. YL 73:1 Airless Sprayer is the answer for your heavy-duty spray applications.


Feature and Benefits

Higher pressure ratio for higher flows, longer lines and better atomization

Wide spraying and coating covered area


Typical Applications

  • Marine and shipyard
  • Off-shore
  • Railcars and other transport vehicles Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Public works facilities
  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Nuclear and conventional power facilities
  • Pipeline
  • Metals and mining

Typical Fluids Handled

  • Industrial protective coatings
  • High solids epoxy primers and coatings
  • High solids polyurethane coatings
  • Waterborne coatings

(PRESSURE RATIO)              --------------------------------------73:1

(MAX.DELIVERY)                 ---------------------------------------29.7ℓ/ min

(OPERATING AIR PRESSURE)    ---------------------------------3~7 Kgf / ㎠

(MAX.DISCHARGE PRESSURE)   ---------------------------------500 Kgf / ㎠

(PUMP DIMENSION)             --------------------------------------68×72×120㎝

(PUMP WEIGHT)                -----------------------------------------105kg

(NOISE LEVEL)                 ------------------------------------------95~105 db

(AIR MOTOR STROKE)          --------------------------------------115 mm
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